Create or Join a Wager and have some spontaneous Fun with your friend with Banter

Wager has been designed to provide friends and acquaintances the ability to engage in a friendly and spontaneous competition with relation To anything their imagination can create.

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Create a wager

You will create a wager about anything you can imagination

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Invite your friends

You able to invite your friends join the wager together and betting.

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You Control the result

You and your friends are in control of the result desision

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You Control the result Update

Once you have the results, you and your friends must update your result choice any dispute and the Wager is Void and the Wager coins returned less a community fee. This Fee is donated to a charity at the end of the Year

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Use Wager Coins

We have our own internal Coin system to facilitate the spontaneous nature and fun of Wager. You can win and lose them in the Wager platform


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